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Form fill up

To access the form, either download the RANG-DE-INDIA app or visit For OTP verification, enter your mobile number. Note that we can only contact you if the mobile number you provided is registered with an Indian service provider. This number will be used for all communications regarding the program. Please make sure that the numbers are always available and operational.



1. Online audition is free, for an audition you have to fill out the registration form and submit 2 painting
2. After selection you have to pay the Registration fee is only INR 999/- per which is refundable. Fees payable are INR and subject to 18% of GST.
3. The mega audition held in 10 cities nearby your residence across India.
4. Studio round held at Banaras in November.
5. During the final round, all the selected participants will get full accommodation like loading, boarding, flooding, etc.
6. Selection certificates and promo posters will be provided within 2 days of the audition.
7. Galleries and collectors buy your painting at value able price in the final round.
8. Get a chance to win RANG DE INDIA AWARD and ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2022
9. If You are not select for next round of audition then your fee will be refund within 45 days from result announce.

Selection process

Phase 01: In the first round of the audition, you must submit a minimum of two artworks along with your details, and from that, we inquire about some basic facts about you and your artworks. This stage provides us with an overview of your work. You go to the second round of the audition if you are chosen in this round. Here judges panel also elect the best of the best artist as GOLDEN PALATE MEMBER from all these participants who is truly eligible to go directly into the final round of this show.

Phase 02: We learn more about you and your work in-depth during the second phase of the audition. You must be well-prepared about everything related to your chosen artistic medium. You send us pictures of your artwork and a short video of yours explaining the creative process of your work. If you are shortlisted in this phase, you move on to the third & final phase of the audition. Here we required a minimum of two original artwork

Phase 03- In this phase, our judge closely examined you as well as every aspect of your artwork. our judges meet you personally in your nearby cities and choose you for the final studio shoot.

Phase 04:- In this phase, you will receive an invitation to the studio shoot, the invitation includes the following facilities provided by us at on cost:-

     a.    Participants will receive airfare and all the travel expenses from home to our shoot location.

     b.    Participants will receive full accommodation in three-star hotels in our shoot location.

     c.     Female and special participants will receive accommodations along with guardians.

 Where you will have the opportunity to display yourself and your artwork in front of our jury panel where the judges and collectors acknowledge your knowledge and talent, they will begin bidding on it. Your talent wins the highest price at the end of the show

Please note that you will not be chosen for the next round of auditions so immediately it takes time. But at each stage, if you are chosen for the following round, our team will phone or email you to let you know.

You will have to submit the following paperwork and videos during each stage of the audition:

For Phase 01

All the details required in the registration form

Good quality image of your original artwork with title and size.

You are allowed to submit a minimum of 1 artwork and a maximum of 5 artworks concerning size 2feet*3feet

For Phase 02

Quality images of your original artwork

Explanation Video with audio 

For Phase 03

Noncriminal record clearance or character certificate

Original artwork with proper stretch and framed 2 feet*3feet

For Phase 04

Carry your personal KYC documents